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Get access to our closet for 279 SEK/month.

You will receive 4 items every month selected based on your style preferences. Enjoy them for a month (or more) before returning them and getting new options again.

Or sign-up with our application

How it works

A monthly discovery to challenge our habits, try new things, reinvent our style and help the environment.

1. Create your style profile
Create your style profile. Take 5 min to answer our survey and share your style preferences with us. Upload inspirational pictures using our mobile application.
2. Subscribe
Subscribe for 279 SEK per month. Our subscription includes everything from our team hunting the clothes for you, to the final selection, the packing and the washing of the clothes.
3. Receive your box
Receive a new box every 4 weeks. At the end of the period, return the box and leave your feedback. Go to our pricing page and discover our option to keep the items a little longer
4. Connect
Connect with other closet hackers who like you are looking to challenge their habits, drive change, and turn clothes into a fun experience.

This is why our service offers a greener way to update your closet

We rescue the best pieces on the market so you don’t have to do it.

1. All of the items are rescued
The clothes we use are given a second chance. From second-hand to overstocks we select the best pieces, give them a second chance, and remove them from being wasted or burnt.
2. We extend their lifetime
The clothes we use are either discarded too early or never even got a chance at life. In order to prevent waste and the negative impact of burning clothes we circulate those items and make them last..
3. We get a seat at the table
Our service has had the opportunity to build a unique knowledge about customer preferences. We want to share our knowledge with brands and be part of the conversation in order to prevent overstocks.
4. Spread Awareness
Together with our closet hackers, we're able to spread awareness across all generations, professional status, regions & countries. We have some ways to go but our growing community is dedicated to drive change.

Get in touch with us

We typically reply within 24 hours.

Coming soon

We will be available in all countries below, select yours and we’ll send you an email when you can subscribe and try our service. Always stay in the loop of change!