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Your clothing subscription, guilt-free.

Low climate impact
Fun and unexpected

Enjoy a guilt-free moment to yourself, and try something different.

HYC is only available in Sweden and France.

It’s kind of like your very best friend that
lets you borrow clothes she thinks would look great on you.

29€ per month and no commitment.

1. Subscribe

Tell us more about you, create your profile, subscribe and relax. We’re taking care of you.

2. Have fun

Discover a new selection each month, enjoy and play with clothes you’ve never worn before.

3. Rate the clothes

Rate the clothes using our app. The more feedback we get, the better your next selection will be. 

4. Return & Repeat

The clothes are yours for 4 weeks, return them in the original packaging or keep them a little more. 

We create unexpected and
guilt-free moments of happiness for busy individuals.

Our professional stylists collaborate with our engineers to best match your profile with the items available in our closet.

51,234 items on constant rotation.

Hackyourcloset.com collaborates with brands and charity organisations. Our closets are exclusively made of garments that are considered under-used. Through the rotation we maximise their value and reduce their environmental impact.

Our emissions, verified and reduced.

A guilt-free service means that you should never feel anxious when doing something for yourself. Our team has spent the past two years refining our life cycle assessment. We put all of our operations, including the transportation of our boxes, under extreme scrutiny to reduce our emissions. The Swedish firm Miljögiraff specialises in Life Cycle Assessments and verified our calculations.

0.8 kg of CO2 is 97% less impactful than buying 3 new items per month. 

Time to return the clothes.

All of the boxes contain a pre-paid return label. Stick it to the box and hand over the box to our delivery partners. If you wish to keep an item longer, you can select the option when rating the clothes. You can keep an item for 3€ per month per item.

Get in touch with us

We typically reply within 24 hours.

Coming soon

We will be available in all countries below, select yours and we’ll send you an email when you can subscribe and try our service. Always stay in the loop of change!