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Hack your closet

Hack your closet

How it works.

The easiest way to contribute and adopt new habits for the planet.

1. Create your style profile

Take 5 min to tell us more about the clothes that you enjoy wearing. 

2. Receive your box

Your stylist will select and pick clothes from our closet based on your preferences. 

3. Feedback & Swap

Enjoy the clothes, share your feedback,
and swap boxes every 4 weeks. 

Jan 21, 2021


I am extremely pleased with this service. I initially bought into it because I thought it was a good idea that I wanted to support. But then I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed the service. Greatly recommend!

Jan 20, 2021


As a busy mum of two small kids, I really don’t get the time to go around shopping and find myself often lost in the huge amount of clothing choice. I have in the past done some personal shopping and really loved it but this comes at a cost and you end up wearing the same items often. With Hack Your Closet, I have found the perfect match!

Sarah M
Jan 13, 2021


Great service!! Easy to use system with leaving feedback, receiving and returning boxes. Very affordable.
My first few months were spot on in terms of getting my style right and sizing but Have experienced continued problems with clothes that don’t fit and not really matching my style lately but have adjusted my profile and hopefully that helps.
Still think it’s a great service though!!

Jan 13, 2021


Perfect way to keep your closet updated.
Nice items, great customer service and easy to use app.

Oct 20, 2021


Very cool concept and amazingly nice service.

Take a sneak peek, a quick taste of our closet.

More about the closet, more about the team.

Rescued and curated
for you


items rescued and available in our closet

11 kilos of CO2 is emitted for each piece of clothing produced. Did you know that 2,080,544 tons of unused clothes are being wasted each year in Europe?

Well, we reached out to retailers & charity organizations so they would give us access to those unused items. Our team curates the best ones and add them to our growing closet. 

The clothes are professionally washed between every cycle. We circulate the clothes between 10 to 24 different closet hackers, increasing the number of uses, and neutralizing 100% of their environmental impact. 

Hackyourcloset.com is a rental service that allows you to update your closet and contribute to our mission to reducing waste. Your subscription allows you to use the items for 4 weeks. After the initial period, you can keep each item a little longer for 29 kr per item per month, but you cannot purchase them.

When you’re ready to try our service, we will ship your first box with a welcome note that explains how returns work. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as taking a walk or leaving the box outside of your door.

The clothes are being matched with the style preferences that you have shared with us. The more boxes you receive from us, the better your stylist will get to know your style.

It is possible that your first box will not reach your expectations. Style is a really complex thing and when styling your first box, we haven’t gotten any feedback from you yet. Your subscription includes an extra box free of charge if you are not happy.

Your subscription allows you to use the items for 4 weeks. After the initial period, you can keep each item a little longer for 29 kr per item per month.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Go to our support page and fill in the cancellation form. When you cancel, it is no longer possible to keep renting the items. The cancellation will be confirmed when all the clothes are returned to us.

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We’ve asked ourselves, what really defines someone’s style.

Discover our swipe function.

Over the past year, we have collected tens of thousands of data on style preferences to only realize how unique we all are when selecting clothes.

This new functionality allows us to preserve what makes us unique. Each box we sent is tailored to our customers and none of them is standardized.

We use data science to help us read each profile more thoroughly before selecting clothes. It scans and reads the information collected from the swipe function and the feedback received. 

Your digital closet assistant 

Sign-up with our app and discover all of the features that your digital closet can offer.

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We typically reply within 24 hours.

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