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Make them last. Your closet on rotation.
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Own your style, not your clothes. Hack your closet.

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Describe and share with us your style preferences.

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Our stylists will select 5 to 6 items each month. All items are selected based on your preferences.

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29 € per month

17 years of subscription at HYC 
That’s how long you can subscribe to Hack Your Closet before reaching as many greenhouse gases emitted as an average month of traditional consumption. Did you know that consumers consume about 10 kg of clothes per year? And throw away about 7.5 kg of clothes per year? About 60% – is still in good condition. These clothes are our assets and our solution towards change.

Europe wastes 2,080,544 tons of unused clothes per year.

Rescued and selected for you.

Because change at scale is at the forefront of our service, we work in collaboration with brands who like us have committed to sustainability. From overstocks to surplus and samples, we rescue any clothes that deserve a second chance. 

57 000 cycles

In 2020 we circulated over 18,000 items and shipped 13,000 boxes. Our clothes were used over 228,000 times during about 57,000 cycles.

108,329,000 liters

The same year we compensated for over 108 Million liters of water used through our closet hackers.

Our transportation

55% of our distribution was compensated through tree plantations and 15% were fossil-free.

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