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items have been given a second chance since January 2020
1. Creating Partnerships
Rescuing clothes and driving a significant impact requires us to work at scale. We often choose to work with the largest groups and brands, and start where most of the surplus is being created.
2. Building Commitment
We believe that only with collaborative work, we will be able to move mountains. The brands that work with us are and have to be committed to reducing surplus and waste.
3. Sitting at their table
Our team works in close collaboration with the people and teams responsible for developing new business models and build a more sustainable future.

How do we select the clothes?

We select the clothes after we have analysed your style preferences. We pay attention to fabric, cuts and tones more than brands. 

All the clothes are treated equally, regardless of the brands. We believe that every garment that can be rescued and loved, should be part of our closet.

The clothes are...

Neutralizing their impact

Did you know that 11kg of CO2 is emitted for each piece of clothing produced? Every time we rescue an item from surplus and extend its life length, we get to neutralize its impact.

There are today no simple ways to reduce its emitted emissions, as it has already happened. “Neutralizing” it is about extending the use-phase and giving the consumer an alternative to future consumption decisions. 

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