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About the clothes

Where, what, how.

The clothes that we select, are picked based on our customers preferences. Our stylists or closet assistant, browse second-hand shops and online sites to find the perfect match. We also work with trusted brands and support them in reducing unsold or archives items. Items are carefully inspected and washed by our team.

What can you find in your boxes?

Pre-loved & Previous brand's collection (leftovers)

We pay attention to fabric, cuts and tones more than brands, however, you can find brands from Zara or Weekday to Samsoe & Samsoe, Filippa K or Massimo Dutti. We believe that regardless of the brands, timeless and reusable clothes should be rescued, and their usage extended.

Consciously washed

Repaired if needed

Meticulously stored

Thoughtfully package

Get in touch with us

We typically reply within 24 hours.