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Most frequent questions and answers

COVID-19 Update

We are closely monitoring the development of the coronavirus. The safety and well-being of our customers and employees is our top priority and we are following the guidelines and recommendations as outlined by the respective authorities. 

All of our clothes are sanitised and washed between rotations and don’t represent any risks. 

We are working together with our distribution partners to keep Hackyourcloset.com open as usual and safe for our customers. The World Health Organization specifies that it is safe to receive commercial packages.

Your first hack takes 4-7 working days to be delivered to you, wherever you are in Sweden. Enjoy your closet hack for 30 days, return or keep any of the items a little longer. Read more about keeping the items longer here.

We currently work with two logistics partners: Airmee for Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg and Postnord for the rest of Sweden. 

To return your box with Airmee, simply leave the box outside of the door on the day of your new delivery.

To return your box with Postnord, use the return label that we added to your box.

Our number one priority is to personalise every box so you find at least two items you love and can put your subscription fee to good use.

Your subscription fee can’t be refunded it includes our styling service fee.

We love to hear your opinion, and so we will leave a small flyer in your box to hear your feedback which will help us improve our picks for you in future boxes.

On your trial box with us, we offer an additional box free of charge if none of the items suited you. 

In your hack you will find a flyer which contains the details of each item. If you wish to keep any of the items from your hack you totally can! Simply take it from your hack box and you card will be debited 29 SEK/items per month that you are keeping it.

You can also keep it for 6 months for 149 SEK.

Of course! If you enjoyed all of the items and wish to keep them, you can keep renting them. When you keep the entire set, we discount your next month subscription with -149 SEK.

At Hack Your Closet, we wash and maintain the good conditions of our products for as long as possible. We do not charge for minor stains or missing buttons. In the unfortunate event of a significant damage we will charge your credit card with a fix fee of 59 SEK per item. If the item has been lost and didn’t came back to us a fixed fee of 189 SEK applies.

There are no refunds to a pre-paid subscription. Your monthly subscription automatically renews and you will be billed every 30 days. To cancel your monthly membership, go to the support page. You have 14 days after your last box to cancel your subscription. You must return your Subscription Program Products before the end of your current billing period to avoid additional fees, excluding the products that you wish to keep renting. If Future Closets AB does not receive your Subscription Program Products by the end of your billing period in which you want to cancel your membership, Future Closets AB will charge you a fixed fee of 279 SEK.

We currently ship only in Sweden. Other countries to come real soon :).

You will be notify by us, leave the box outside your door and they will pick-up and leave your new hack. 

We know your time is precious! However, if for some reason your package is taking a bit longer than anticipated please dont hesitate to get in contact with us at support@hackyourcloset.com

Get in touch with us

We typically reply within 24 hours.