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Enjoy using our application

Our application enables an easy and fun way to onboard with us, edit your style profile, upload inspirational pictures, and more.


Tap the arrow near “Ready to onboard with us?” and start to create your style profile. Your account will only be created after you have receive the confirmation that you’re payment method has been saved. 

Style Profile
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Download our app on your preferred app store. Search for “”. 

My Password

If you have created your style profile through our website by clicking the button “Create your style profile”:

Download our app on your preferred app store and follow “Already a closet hacker?”. 

If you have created your style profile directly through our app and can’t remember your password, follow the instructions and reset your password. 

Make sure that you always use the same email address that you used when creating your style profile.

My Style Profile

Your style profile is split into two sections, the first one regarding the cuts and shapes that makes you feel comfortable, the second one about NO-GO patterns and colours. 

Make sure that you select “SAVE & CONTINUE” when updating your style profile, or the changes won’t be saved and shared with your stylist.

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Your feedback is extremely valuable for us to keep delivering a great service. The more boxes you get, the more feedback we get, and the better we understand what makes you love the items that we select for you each month.

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We typically reply within 24 hours.