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Vegan barbecue

Hack Your Closet’s Guide to the perfect BBQ

t’s THE season, the season of BBQ. What is cosier than gathering up at someones terrace or in a park and throw a little BBQ party? Dress up in pretty outfits, go grocery shopping together and enjoy the few, but oh so lovely summer months with good food, better outfits and greater company.
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When your outfit matches your drink, you know it’s going to be a good day

Matching accessories to your outfit is probably something we all do, all the time. Finding the right bag, sunnies, jewellery, etc. to pair with whatever we’re wearing at the moment is a fun and creative way to express ourselves yet to set the final touch to our outfits. But have you ever thought about matching your outfit with a drink? Well, we have and it’s actually pretty fun.
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We’re expanding!

HACK YOUR CLOSET, Sweden’s largest shared closet raises 20Mio SEK and expands to Europe.
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It’s like tinder but for clothes

“It’s like tinder, but for clothes” Have you ever wonder how matchmaking apps like tinder work? Well, when we started Hackyourcloset.com we wondered that too, we even wondered if we could use the same principles to help our stylists select clothes for our closet hackers.  Obviously, we’re not Tinder and can’t promise you a date with a high waist pair of jeans. However, the way we match the clothes with our closet hackers is fairly similar. We tend to say
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Brands can neutralize the environmental impact of their overstocks with us, here is how.

On average it takes 11 kilos of CO2 to produce one garment, but what happens when this garment isn't even used? Overstocks and leftovers are the tough reality of the clothing industry. Together with the brands who started collaborating with us, we're working on reducing leftovers and learning about customers' preferences in order to prevent them in the future.
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Hackyourcloset.com launches a new app

Our online service is going mobile-only We are announcing the launch of our app, which includes new features that will bring our service closer to our customers and increase the quality of our boxes.
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Post-COVID: Tons of clothes are going to waste, this is what brands can do instead.

The truth is that by the time where consumers will be back in stores, those collections will have to be replaced.  This is a shout-out to all clothing stores who'd rather see their goods on happy customers than wasted. 
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#CANISTYLEANYTHING Challenge by Mikaela Larsell Ayesa  Can you style anything? Someone once wrote: Fashion says “Me too”, Style says “Me only”. Fashion comes and goes, style is forever. What does it mean to ‘have style’ or to be ‘stylish’? Is it our ability to follow trends, to fit into a specific persona? Or is it the ability to style ANYTHING? My sister and I did a little challenge. We took 3 items that we thought were really hard to style
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Soap and detergent, how and why they are effective against dirt and viruses.

So, how does detergent and soap actually work? At Hackyourcloset.com, we decided to bring an answer to this fairly common topic.
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