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Brands can neutralize the environmental impact of their overstocks with us, here is how.

On average it takes 11 kilos of CO2 to produce one garment, but what happens when this garment isn't even used? Overstocks and leftovers are the tough reality of the clothing industry. Together with the brands who started collaborating with us, we're working on reducing leftovers and learning about customers' preferences in order to prevent them in the future.
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Hackyourcloset.com launches a new app

Our online service is going mobile-only We are announcing the launch of our app, which includes new features that will bring our service closer to our customers and increase the quality of our boxes.
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Post-COVID: Tons of clothes are going to waste, this is what brands can do instead.

The truth is that by the time where consumers will be back in stores, those collections will have to be replaced.  This is a shout-out to all clothing stores who'd rather see their goods on happy customers than wasted. 
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#CANISTYLEANYTHING Challenge by Mikaela Larsell Ayesa  Can you style anything? Someone once wrote: Fashion says “Me too”, Style says “Me only”. Fashion comes and goes, style is forever. What does it mean to ‘have style’ or to be ‘stylish’? Is it our ability to follow trends, to fit into a specific persona? Or is it the ability to style ANYTHING? My sister and I did a little challenge. We took 3 items that we thought were really hard to style
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Soap and detergent, how and why they are effective against dirt and viruses.

So, how does detergent and soap actually work? At Hackyourcloset.com, we decided to bring an answer to this fairly common topic.
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Future Closets

I won't be mentioning the millions of reasons why my co-founder and I decided to change the apparel industry, we all know well enough how bad it looks and how urgent change is needed...
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Why now?

Most of us are aware of the environmental consequences of the clothing industry. But to give you some hard numbers, this is how it looks like and why we need to change now.
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This is how we select the clothes

Every day, our stylists walk the aisles of charity shops on the hunt for new items. Each item selected is being washed and joins our soon to be "Europe's biggest shared closet".
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