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This is how we select the clothes

by Lisa Gautier CEO & Co-founder

Make them last

Every day, our stylists walk the aisles of charity shops on the hunt for new items. Each item selected is being washed and joins our soon to be “Europe’s biggest shared closet”. There are many question marks going into the selection of an item: size, feel, fabric, cut, colour and often brand. Overall we look at how long the item will last and how many customers are likely to wear it, “timeless” is key. 

Boxes with second-hand clothes

A couple of days ago I was in a workshop sharing my thoughts on our selection process. Initially, I was worried, that by having items from high-street retailers, one might say that by using their items or collaborating with them on archive products, our service makes it ok for them to waste clothes.

We exclusively work with unsold and second-hand items, so we do provide a great solution to clothing waste. As our shared closet is growing, we are always looking for more clothes to rescue and often have to turn to the ones wasting the most, fashion brands.

We invited a couple of customers around the table, to hear about how they perceive the clothes that we select:

We have a responsibility to take good care of the clothes that we share, and make them last as long as we can. By joining Hack your Closet I am taking that responsibility in my own hands and it doesn’t matter to me where the items comes from as long as it fits my style and keep me away from buying new items.” 

“If you take good care of your clothes, even items from high-street retailers can last, the problems with them isn’t really that right… is that they want us to constantly buy more. For 249 SEK I think it’s ok to get a mix of brands, that’s how much one top would cost new anyway.”

I was quite excited to hear that, but also well aware that this might not be everyone’s opinion, and that we need to keep improving our selection. Both our customers and Future Closets’ team have taken complementary responsibilities, it’s a collaboration for change. Soon enough, we will be able to work in collaboration with brands and help them reduce waste, correcting design flaws and creating sustainable designs. The feedback we constantly receive from our customers, will help everyone understand how to build a sustainable future for the clothing industry.

I believe that Hack Your Closet is more than a service, Hack your closet is a growing community taking action and driving change, one box at a time.

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