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Future Closets

by Lisa Gautier CEO & Co-founder

We're changing the apparel industry.

I won’t be mentioning the millions of reasons why my co-founder and I decided to change the apparel industry, we all know well enough how bad it looks and how urgent change is needed. If you follow our journey, you will read a lot about how important it is to adopt new consumption habits and how easy we made it for you to implement it. We’re changing the apparel industry because it’s time.

Clothes, just like music, is a way to express ourselves, they help us feel empowered and confident, and that applies to anyone (at the end of the day, we all need to get dressed in the morning). How we consume clothes hasn’t changed over the past decades, it got easier yes, we can order online now, but really… we still buy, wear, throw away, buy again, throw away again… we thought there had to be a better way 😉. Sometimes, we borrow, we recycle, we reuse, we swap, we even up-cycle 🤔.

Well, turns out that only 8% of clothes that people throw away are being reused. We’re changing that. You might think, well maybe the other 92% are not in a good condition or can’t be worn again? In a country like Sweden (10 million people) a single charity organisation like The Red Cross gets 21 tons of clothes a day (some of it untouched). Late returns or compulsive buying? Probably.

Today there are more second-hand items available than ever before, this means that tomorrow’s outfit doesn’t have to be bought new, even if you work in a corporate environment and have “different standards”. 

I know, I know, buying second-hand clothes isn’t as easy as it seems, not everyone has the time to go through thousands of items just to get a fitted jumper. Well it depends, someone could be doing it for you, right?… and perhaps that someone could send you a couple of options every month? What if you were even allowed to wear them for 30 days before returning them?! Nooooo… yes.

Hackyourcloset.com is the first rental & personal shopping experience for second-hand clothes, we select, wash, store and take care of the clothes for you. Today, we manage Sweden’s largest shared closet, but soon enough we’ll be talking about how we built Europe’s largest shared closet. Stay tuned.

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