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Post-COVID: Tons of clothes are going to waste, this is what brands can do instead.

by Lisa Gautier CEO & Co-founder

Rotate your unused stock

At Hackyourcloset.com we ship monthly, hand-picked selections of clothing to our customers, customers who are looking for new alternatives to consume clothes and get dressed every day. We give them access to a rotating closet for 279SEK/Month.

All of the clothes that we rotate between our customers are taken out of the waste stream. We work in collaboration with brands to reduce leftovers but also optimize production through detailed data on customers’ preferences.

Across Europe, many retail stores are being forced to temporarily close, others are deeply affected by a sharp decline in traffic. We believe that driving change in the apparel industry can only be done through collaborations. 

The truth is that by the time consumers will be back in stores, most collections would have been replaced. 

This is a shout-out to all clothing stores who’d rather see their goods on happy customers than going to waste. 

We’re dedicated to support brands and make the most out of those great items. Get in touch!

This is how it works

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