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"It's like tinder, but for clothes"

Have you ever wonder how matchmaking apps like tinder work?

Well, when we started Hackyourcloset.com we wondered that too, we even wondered if we could use the same principles to help our stylists select clothes for our closet hackers. 

Obviously, we’re not Tinder and can’t promise you a date with a high waist pair of jeans. However, the way we match the clothes with our closet hackers is fairly similar.

We tend to say “it’s like tinder, but for clothes”. 

Today we have published a new update of our app! Time to update 😀.

We have upgraded our swipe game. Our stylist team in collaboration with our buying team will be selecting themes and push new sets of inspiration pictures/product pictures to our customers.

Each picture is associated with properties, the more you swipe the more refined your style profile will be. 

When data science meets humans’ expertise.

Over the past year, we have collected tens of thousands of data on style preferences to only realise how unique we all are when selecting clothes. 

This new functionality will allow us to preserve what makes us unique. Each box we sent is tailored to our customers and none of them is standardized. 

Data science helps us read more thoroughly each profile when selecting clothes. It reads our data a lot faster than a stylist could, from the swipe game results as well as understanding the feedback that has been given to each box.

Learn more about our app here.

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