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Hack Your Closet’s Guide to the perfect BBQ

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Vegan barbecue

It’s THE season, the season of BBQ. What is cosier than gathering up at someones terrace or in a park and throw a little BBQ party? Dress up in pretty outfits, go grocery shopping together and enjoy the few, but oh so lovely summer months with good food, better outfits and greater company.

Photo by @maddibazzocco

What to wear, can I wear my Hacked clothes to a BBQ?

Of course, the pieces you rent from Hack Your Closet is meant to be part of your daily wardrobe and to be worn for any occasion. But as we all know, accidents (stains) do happen. Barbecue just wouldn’t be barbecue if it was neat and tidy to eat. Ketchup and BBQ sauce stains can be a pain to get rid of and especially if the sauce is tomato based. A good suggestion is wear an apron or a bib when enjoying your finger lickin’ good BBQ!

Then we have the smell. Often after a great BBQ night your clothes and your hair smell like they’ve been on the grill as well. Our best advise to freshen up your clothes, without washing them in the washing machine (you know, the more you wash your clothes, the more worn they’ll look) is to:

  • –  Leave it hanging out in the fresh air for a few hours to naturally air the smell out
  • –  Steam the garment, this will open up the textile fibres and eliminate the odour
  • –  Spray it with odour eliminating spray
  • –  Use baking soda. Simply put the garment in a large plastic bag, add 2 dl baking soda, tie the bagand give it a quick shake. Let it sit overnight. Open the bag outside and shake off excess baking soda. Lastly, if needed, put the garment in the tumble dryer on low or no heat to remove the rest of the baking soda.
Don’t forget the essentials

Whether you’re planning a small backyard cookout for the family or a big barbecue party, there are a few essentials that will come in handy. From the food to tools for the grill and cold drinks to table settings. Here is a checklist of everything you need to organise the perfect BBQ:


  • –  Agrill
  • –  Spatula, tongs, grill forks, preferably in stainless steel that can stand up to the heat
  • –  Gas or charcoal
  • –  Grill glove
  • –  Apron to protect your clothes
  • –  Towel


Photo by @dibaglin
  • –  Drinks of your choice. Make sure to include water and nonalcoholic drinks, stay hydrated!
  • –  Cooler
  • –  Ice
  • –  Bottle opener & corkscrew
  • –  Cups, non disposable. Try to think sustainably and buy things that you can reuse for your next BBQ party.


  • –  Meat, tofu, cheese, vegetables, you choose what you want to put on the grill. There are no rights or wrongs
  • –  Condiments and sauces. For instance BBQ sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard
  • –  Sides like bread, fruits, salads, coleslaw
  • –  Dessert

Table setting

For tableware, just pick up disposable plates, cutlery, and cups. They make the clean up part very easy because everything’s tossed in the trash when you’re done. Eh, what? Just kidding. We’re trying our best to act sustainably here, right? Forget about disposable tableware, be environmentally friendly. Go for reusable outdoor table setting supplies or simply use what you have at home. You’ll need to clean them after each BBQ, but in the end this is the best option according to us. You’ll save money and being nice to our planet at the same time.

  • –  Plates & bowls
  • –  Cutlery & cutting board
  • –  Napkins, preferably made of textile. A good choice is linen that you can wash and reuse many times.
  • –  Toothpicks


All the fun and excitement of your BBQ party can quickly come to an end if there’s an accident. Be prepared and make sure to have these things around just in case something happens.

  • –  First aid kit
  • –  Sunscreen
  • –  Fire extinguisher
  • –  Bug spray or candles
Feel the rhythm

No BBQ party without good music. You might have heard it before, where words fail, music speaks. Put together a funky BBQ playlist or download pre-made ones from Spotify. Here are some playlists to put the final touch and give the right vibe to your party:

  • –  Backyard BBQ
  • –  BBQ 2021 – Summer Vibes
  • –  Reggae BBQ

We hope these BBQ hacks will make your summer parties unforgettable. Keep calm and BBQ on and always remember to stay safe!

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