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Interview: Globe Hope

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Belt bag

Globe Hope are the forerunners in uncompromisingly sustainable design. A fashion brand here to create a better option and an alternative that requires no new raw materials. Hope is the belief in improvement. A shared belief between both Globe Hope and Hack Your Closet that things will be better. It will take hard work, commitment and persistence to be pioneers on the sustainable fashion field, yet we are up to the challenge and nonetheless our fun collaboration we’ve initiated together.

Globe Hope’s amazing garments and accessories, such as the best selling Kaste Bag (made from surplus seat belts) are now circulating in the Hack Your Closet boxes. We want you, our Closet Hackers to have the chance to get to know Globe Hope and their innovative products better and use them share them with each other. Because sharing is caring!

In order to get to know Globe Hope a little more, where they get their inspiration from, manufacture the products and so on, we’ve asked them some questions. Keep reading to find out more and to get to know this innovative brand.

What is Globe Hope and when did you launch?

Globe Hope is a Finnish circular design brand launched in 2003. Ever since, we have created bags, clothes, and accessories out of existing raw materials; leftovers, waste, recycled, upcycled.

Where do you find your inspiration?

We believe there is still hope for our globe. Our core idea is based on our respect for the planet and its precious resources. Nature and our planet also work as an inspiration for us.

Where do you source the material for the products?

We receive recycled and surplus materials from companies, factories, and organizations. We’ve saved old bags and clothes from the Swedish military, used fair carpets from trade shows, seat belts from old cars, advertising banners from corporations, and the list goes on. Our clothing is made from the textile industry’s cutting waste and recycled plastic bottles.

Where are Globe Hope’s products being manufactured?

We manufacture all bags and accessories in Finland and Estonia, and clothing in Bangladesh. All our production processes are transparent and traced from the beginning until the end.

We absolutely love the seat belt bags! Tell us, how did they come to life?

We are always in search of new abandoned materials to save. This is how we also came across the seat belts. We fell in love with the unique, and slightly luxurious feeling of the material, and decided to give it a try as a bag. This was somewhere in the mid-2000s. Ever since our customers have adored our different seat belt bags, and they are our best- selling items.

What are the main problems you see in the fashion sector today?

We are delighted to see how sustainability and circularity are rising trends in fashion, but at the same time, it’s alarming to see how much greenwashing and ignorance there is. We think the fashion sector is missing transparency, honesty, and genuine ambition for change.

Let’s talk about new designers who, in your opinion, are setting the perfect standards for ecological / ethical fashion?
We appreciate designers who are making uncompromising work for sustainable fashion. I don’t want to highlight any designer as “perfect”, as we all need to do more and be even better to save this planet.

As consumers, what are our options, what’s the best thing we can do to lower our environmental footprint when it comes to our clothing consumption?
Always favor thrifting, renting, and recycled materials if possible. This world is already full of clothes and materials. Fast fashion and wasting new raw materials won’t slow down if there’s demand for it.

Any fun future happenings for Globe Hope that you would like to share with our readers?
Our AW22 collection, “Peatlands Story”, is launching at the end of August. It’ll offer once again a selection of stylish bags and clothes from interesting and fun materials, such as army sleeping bags, seat belts, faircarpet, and surplus faux fur. Stay tuned! 🙂

Head over to our Instagram where we right now have a Giveaway together with Globe Hope. You have the chance to win a bag. Don’t miss it!

/ Hack Your Closet Team

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