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Closet Hacker Interview #1 Anna Storm

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Name: Anna Storm

Profession: Preschool teacher

How did you find Hack Your Closet?

I commented on my husband’s colleague’s clothes because she always dresses so cool. And got the answer that many of her stylish clothes come from HYC and so I signed up right away.

For how long have you been a Closet Hacker?

Approximately a year. The last box I got was my 13th.

Tell us about your experience with Hack Your Closet?

It’s exciting to have clothes chosen for me. I find it very difficult to label my style, as a Closet Hacker I get a wonderful mix of different styles to choose from. Plus things I would never ever chosen myself. Sometimes it’s full hit, sometimes a “nah”. But usually it works even though I might not like it at a first glance. I like the challenge.

What is the most beautiful garment you have ever received in a box?

A black twill jumpsuit with shoulder pads that looked and felt like a barn workwear overall when I pulled it out of the box. I tried it on, tied the belt and s m a c k! It suited me so well. Wonderfully comfortable, stylish and unusual. I lived in it the whole month. Styled it in lots of different ways.

How would you describe your wardrobe?

A jungle of old faithful gems, flea market finds and new purchases. blazers, biker jackets, t-shirts and worn jeans that breathe rock n roll hanging side by side with lots of knitted cardigans and dresses in 50s-60s cuts. The occasional tie blouse has found its way in, which is often paired with tight trousers or a pencil skirt. The color scale is black with some occasional color blocks in red, orange, clear blue and green. My favorite pattern is checkered and striped.

Tell us about an untold story when you wore something from Hack Your Closet.

The yellow, short velvet top was perfect for a long car trip. It is comfortable, eye-catching, completely wrinkle- free and it made me feel nice and dressed even though I had training pants on.

Where do you find inspiration?

TV series, people in town, artists and in art. I often pick impressions from everyday life that I put together in new ways. I am inspired by everything possible. If I want something special, I can search for a certain hashtag on Instagram and scroll through a lot of pictures that I distill into something that suits me.

Do you have a style icon?

Joan Jett’s androgynous style from the early 70’s that includes jackets, skinny pants and vivid colors.
Stevie Nick’s early boho rocker with skirts, shawls and necklaces.
Madonna’s playfulness with fashion is also a great inspiration. Audrey Hepburn’s cool style with angular silhouettes and solid color outfits.

Name 3 reasons why everyone should become Closet Hackers:

– It renews the wardrobe without me having to buy anything newly produced. Good from both an environmental point of view and for my wallet.
– It broadens the fashion views and pulls me out of my usual way of thinking.
– I get great feedback in our nice fb group. It’s good when I need tips on styling and super nice for self-confidence when I get great feedback and nice comments on pictures I post.

Thanks for the hacks!

/Anna S

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