Embroidery Crash Course

Embroidery Crash Course

by Lisa Gautier CEO & Co-founder

Let's up-cycle our beloved items.

If you like meditation, you’ll like embroidery. I found it really relaxing, but I leave it to you! 

We found a beautiful blouse with small scratches and holes in the fabric. It’s often hard to repair holes when the threads are broken, so we decide to cover them up with embroidery.

What you’ll need: A thick middle, embroidery threads in your preferred color and if you can get the wooden rings to help you keep the fabric tense.

up-cycled blouse

1. Draw your pattern

We’ll cover-up the tiny hole.

2. Embroidered

How it works in video:

You can decide to make the pattern tight or with space depending on the result that you want. 

Hope that you’ll try at home! 

Future Closets

I won’t be mentioning the millions of reasons why my co-founder and I decided to change the apparel industry, we all know well enough how bad it looks and how urgent change is needed…

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