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Together, building tomorrow.

Becoming one of our trusted partners gives you access to a unique platform to express and demonstrate your efforts to becoming a truly sustainable brand.

Our partners are committed to reducing existing stocks of surplus and unused garments. They also believe in using our data to reduce waste in the future and optimize their production.

How it works

Try it first
We offer our suppliers to go through a first trial batch before the establishment of quarterly in-takes. 500 to 1K garments minimum.
Quarterly in-takes
On a seasonal basis, we establish quarterly or monthly in-takes. Based on your preferred strategy, you can select the markets you want to be visible in.
Access our portal
The access to our brand portal is subject to the volume agreed upon in the trial batch. Access unique performance data about your garments.
Yearly Reports
Our yearly reports contain data on customers' preferences, the company's results in terms of impact, and analysis of the market.

A hands-off solution.

Working with leading players in the clothing industry, we created a hands-off solution enabling a simple onboarding process. No resources are required, get the garments to one of our warehouses and start collecting valuable data and creating a financial cushion for your unsold garments. 

Slowly but surely
Talk the talk
Walk the walk
Garments Circulated *
500 to 5 000
5 001 to 10 000
10 001 to 25 000+
Quarterly Reports
Dedicated Boxes
Not eligible
Brand Portal Access
Not eligible
Not eligible
Financial Incentives

*per year.

Added to the right closet, your clothes can last. We'll get you proof.

Together, we can educate consumers about the true longevity of the items behind your brand and give them the proof they need. This is made possible using only surplus and overstocks.

27 kg CO2eq

is what one closet hacker saves per month by using our service.

139 people

is the number of people who can get their daily intake of clean drinking water thanks to the liters of water preserved when subscribing to HYC.

N° of uses per garment

One word to describe how younger generations will change the fashion business is “sustainability.” They will have completely new demands as to what it means to be an end-to-end sustainable brand.

The U.S. sustainability market alone is projected to reach $150 billion in sales by 2021.

A good product is no longer enough to win a consumer’s favor. Shoppers want more than just quality, often looking for products and brands that align with their personal values

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